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What is Horus

Horus is a wearable device that observes, understands and describes the environment to the person using it, providing useful information with the right timing and in a discreet way using bone conduction. Horus is able to read texts, to recognize faces, objects and much more.

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How does it work?

Horus is composed by a wearable headset with cameras and by a pocket unit that contains a powerful processor and a long lasting battery. The user can activate each functionality through a set of buttons located both on the headset and the pocket unit. The buttons are very easy to find thanks to their different shapes. In some circumstances, Horus is also able to understand when something is relevant for the user, triggering an automatic action.

What can it do?

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Text recognition

Horus is able to recognize printed texts, also on non flat surfaces, and help the user in correctly framing the page thanks to audible cues. Once that is done, Horus will start reading and it is not necessary to keep it in front of the camera.

Stylized blue icon resembling a face
Face recognition

Horus can learn and recognize the faces of people. After detecting a face, Horus can quickly understand if that is a known person and then notify the user. In case of an unknown person, teaching the device takes just a couple of seconds.

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Object recognition

By rotating an object in front of the cameras, Horus can learn its appearance and shape. Thanks to 3D perception, Horus will then recognize it from different angles, helping the user in recognizing objects which might be similar in shape. In order to help the user to correctly frame the object, Horus generates audible cues.

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Horus is composed of a wearable headset and a pocket unit. The headset runs along the back of the head and it holds the cameras and the bone conduction transducers, while the pocket unit contains the battery and the processor. The two units are connected by a thin wire.

Rende of the headset of Horus


This part is very similar to a pair of headphones. It can be placed comfortably on the head, with or without glasses.

Thanks to the buttons located near the ends of the headset, the user can interact with Horus and change the audio volume.

Pocket unit

The pocket unit is slightly bigger than a smartphone, and it contains Horus’ main processor and a long lasting battery.

On the sides, buttons allow the user to interact with the device and adjust the audio volume.

Image of pocket unit of Horus

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